Quiz: Can You Recognize These Famous Brands By Their Former Names?

Did you know many of today’s famous brands once had different names? Now you know.

Effective brand names are difficult to ignore. Besides, try to avoid these costly mistakes when naming your business, so you can have a suitable business name.

Take this educative quiz to test your knowledge as regards the names the brands in consideration originally had.

Are you ready? Get started!


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#1. What was Google formerly called?

#2. When founded in 1995, eBay was formerly known as

#3. _____was the former name PayPal was called

#4. Today’s CocaCola was once known as_____

#5. In 1958 Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo was changed to


#6. Which famous sports brand was formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports?

#7. Yahoo was formerly called_____

#8. Cadabra was once the name of which of these very successful ecommerce brands?

#9. AOL was originally called

#10. The brand name Research in Motion was changed to_____in 2013?


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