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★ Thinkony Score

  • We will test your brand name against the 20 basic qualities of an effective brand name.
  • We will assign score to each of the 20 basic qualities in relation to your brand name.
  • We will then assign Thinkony Score to your brand name based on the scores of all the 20 basic qualities.
  • We will send the Thinkony Score of your brand name to you via email.


★ Thinkony Review

  • We will review and analyze all the strengths and weaknesses of your brand name based on the 20 basic qualities of an effective brand name.
  • We will write the comprehensive review report on your brand name.
  • We will then send the review report to you in PDF format.
  • Through the Thinkony Review report, you will know exactly why your brand name is effective or ineffective as reflected in its Thinkony Score.


★ Thinkony Recommendations

  • If your brand name has Thinkony Score 49 or less and it can still be made effective, we can help you.
  • We will give recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness, including the trademarkability, of your brand name, so it can have a higher Thinkony Score and be usable.
  • We then send them to you also as in PDF format.
Please, note we only review potential brand names in packages.
Below is our Pricing Table. Choose your desired name package and let’s get started. Note we also accept Bitcoin and Ether.
Thinkony Score
Know Your Brand Name's Thinkony Score
This plan is for you if you only want to know your brand name's Thinkony Score.
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Thinkony Review
Review Your Brand Name's Effectiveness
This plan is for you if you want to know why your brand name is effective or not.
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Brand Name Consulting for Your Creative Team

If you regularly manufacture/create products with a creative team naming those products, you need us.
Your creative team may be naming your products with a trial-and-error method.
We will help you train your creative team to more effectively name your products by guiding it through the nitty-gritty of effective product naming.
The training includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:
★ understanding the basic qualities of an effective product name
★ how to craft an effective naming brief for your product name development
★ how to brainstorm potential product names effectively
★ how to know if a product name is trademarkable or not
★ how to make your product name work for you
These and other important business naming factors are what we will discuss with you in our consulting sessions.
If you think you need our consulting service for your creative team, please, contact us so we can get started.