About Us

Thinkony is the brand naming industry’s first brand name review and scoring startup.

It was founded in 2016 by twin naming consultants, John & Peter Paintcrown Adelakun – who are, interestingly, the first and the only twin naming consultants in the naming industry.
John & Peter Paintcrown Adelakun started Thinkony to address two main business name-related challenges that many entrepreneurs and businesses face:
• Many entrepreneurs often struggle to determine the effectiveness of the business names they have come up with, thereby ending up choosing or settling for the wrong name for their business.
• Many brand names out there are far from being effective and do not convey the goals and objectives, or the unique selling propositions of the brands they represent effectively.
Hence, Thinkony was created to address these two challenges.
We do these by helping entrepreneurs effectively review and score business name candidates so as to determine the effectiveness and suitability of the names to their businesses.
While Thinkony also offers quality brand name consulting services, our two cardinal services are brand name review and scoring.
At Thinkony, we follow the right, best brand name review and scoring practices and procedures in order to ensure the most effective, suitable and workable names are chosen to represent your new business.
Our brand name review and scoring services are available to entrepreneurs, new and existing businesses and brands as well as for small, medium and large-scale businesses and brands.

Our Vision

To help as many businesses as possible have effective names with which they can rightly, confidently and strategically represent their brands.

Our Mission

  • To be the brand naming industry’s premiere brand name review and scoring startup.
  • To be the go-to brand naming brand for entrepreneurs, businesses and brands looking to convey their goals, objectives and unique selling prepositions through effective names.