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You’re welcome to Thinkony, the brand naming industry’s first brand name review and scoring startup!

We founded Thinkony to help you address your business name dilemma.

The dilemma? You don’t know if the name you have chosen for your new business is effective or not. You don’t even know how to determine the effectiveness of the name.

Hence, the need for Thinkony: helping you practically determine the most effective brand name for your startup.

Are you wondering how we determine the effectiveness of a company name? Our brand name review & scoring system!

Our unique brand name review & scoring system will help you analyze your chosen name for effectiveness or ineffectiveness.

Brand Name Review

We review your potential business names by analyzing all the qualities and factors that determine the suitability of a name.

Being brand naming experts and consultants, we know all the qualities that an effective business name possesses.

Hence, we review your name candidates in a way that shows their strengths and weaknesses.

Doing this ensures you immediately know whether you should go ahead with a certain startup name or not.

Moving to the next stage of your company launch won’t be a problem since naming it effectively would have been taken care of.

Thinkony Score

Our brand name scoring system called the Thinkony Score is a one-of-a-kind scoring system that quantifies the effectiveness of any business name.

Thinkony Score 50 (TS 50) is the standard score below which your brand name is practically ineffective and above which your brand name is practically effective.

For example, if your Thinkony Score is anything between 1 and 49, it is not effective. But if it is anything between 50 and 100, it is effective.

In other words, the lower your business name’s Thinkony Score, the less effective it is. And the higher its Thinkony Score, the more effective it is.

Consequently, our brand name scoring system removes uncertainty and clears your doubts/worries about the suitability or unsuitability of your chosen business name.

Review Report

Besides reviewing and scoring your potential brand names, we also write a comprehensive report of our review of the names.

Our review report will clearly show you, in a quantifiable way, whether any of the names you submit for review and scoring is suitable for your new startup or not.

The report contains our analysis of your submitted names in the light of the qualities of an effective company name.

Moreover, the report indicates the Thinkony Score for each of your submitted brand names.

You will appreciate our unique brand name review & scoring system better by working with us.

Thinkonize Your Brand Names Now

At Thinkony, we are ready to help you fast track your new business launch by helping you review and score your brand name so you can easily determine its effectiveness for your business.

Now that you have realized how much you need our brand name review & scoring services, working with us is the next logical step you should take.

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